Lee and Lai families

Eye-opening experience for the Lee and Lai families last weekend.

The durians were good, especially the D24…we love it….keep it up to produce good durians. Thank you and hope to visit again next year.

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Johnathan and friends

Johnathan and his friends have found a new appreciation for durians after their trip yesterday.

The durians were perfect and thanks for the tour and experience

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Return of EMU 85 Class and Guests from Klang

We received Ester and friends from Klang yesterday and also revisit by Mr. Koay and Mr. Cheah of EMU Class 85 who brought with them their family members.

A keenly debated topic this morning was whether which of the 2 fruits is tastier, a ‘2 hour old’ D24 or a ’10 hour old’ musang King.

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